Teaching module

DiCE has developed a high-quality teaching module aimed at graduate students (notably Master’s students and recent graduates).

DiCE aims to involve the next generation of researchers and policy makers in the debate about the future of European integration, and to provide them with an in-depth understanding of differentiation and its dynamics. The DiCE teaching module has been developed by the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) under the academic coordination of Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig (Professor of European Integration at ETH Zurich, Board member of TEPSA and Scientific Lead of InDivEU), who is a leading expert on differentiation.


DiCE Summer School

Fact sheet on enhanced cooperation EU
The DiCE teaching module on differentiation includes a simulation exercise consisting of a Council negotiation on a concrete case of enhanced cooperation (the EU Financial Transaction Tax).

The teaching module will be applied and tested in the DiCE summer school on differentiated integration organised by TEPSA from Monday 20 June to Friday 24 June 2022. It will be held in person in Brussels and is open for 20-25 graduate students from different national and disciplinary backgrounds. 

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The materials put together for this purpose represent a ‘living module’ that will be systematically updated also based on the students’ feedback. The training will combine expert lectures with meetings with EU officials, and thereby connect young researchers with practitioners, academics and think tankers, deepening the interest and knowledge of the participants in the field of differentiation. It will also offer first-hand insights into the political dynamics shaping policymaking on differentiation and the EU’s response to the recent crises. The teaching material are available in open access on this page for interested students and for higher education institutions or other organisations willing to use them for future teaching purposes.


DifferentiGate provides users with a collection of publications and a directory of scholars of differentiation and differentiated integration.


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