Launch: DiCE webinars

DiCE is happy to announce the launch of the “DiCE webinars” series, short video lectures on differentiation delivered by leading European academics.

Touching upon key policy issues (Brexit, democratic legitimacy, the Future of Europe, and more), the DiCE webinars aim to offer master and PhD-level students a sound basis to understand the dynamics of differentiation in Europe. DiCE webinars are part of the DiCE teaching module on differentiation that will be developed in the course of the project and that will culminate in a one-week training for graduate students in Brussels in 2022.
The DiCE webinar series is coordinated by the Trans European Policy Studies Association, with contributions from all project partners.
Watch the first DiCE webinar, “Explaining Differentiation: Concepts and Theories” by Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH Zurich & TEPSA)

Watch the second DiCE webinar, “Differentiation and Democracy” by John Erik Fossum (ARENA, Uni. Oslo & EU3D)

Watch the third DiCE webinar, “Differentiated Integration: Risks and Benefits” by Sandra Kröger (University of Exeter)

Watch the fourth DiCE webinar, “A Short History of Differentiated Integration in the European Union” by Jim Cloos (TEPSA Secretary-General)

Watch the fifth DiCE Webinar, "Differentiation and the Future of Europe" by Nicoletta Pirozzi (International Affairs Institute & EUIDEA)

DiCE Webinar Podcasts

Published Feb. 2, 2021 3:31 PM - Last modified June 1, 2021 2:08 PM